View Original Invoice

The View Original Invoice option allows you to view detailed information about the Original Invoice that the selected invoice was created from.  The Original Invoice number field is used to tie related invoice records together.  The field is loaded automatically when RA and other credit memos are generated for an invoice.  The Original Invoice field can also be updated manually when a credit or another invoice is created in the Direct Invoicing program.

When the View Original Invoice option is selected, the system checks the selected invoice to see if the Original Invoice field is loaded.  If not, the system will display a “No Original Invoice” error. 

If Original Invoice field in the selected invoice is loaded, the system activates the Invoice Header Detail panel and it loads the panel with the information for the original invoice referenced in the selected invoice.

The Invoice Header Detail Panel is completely described in another section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the program by selecting it and using the Help key to display the main Help documentation for the program.


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