Non-stock items - Description/Processing Overview

Non stock items are NOT tracked by the perpetual inventory system.  Non stock items are not included on the Inventory, WIP, or Pending Valuation reports produced by the system and they are not included in the Inventory Control Account balance in the general ledger.  Non stock items are expensed when purchased.  Non-stock items are normally service or labor items that do not physically exist, or they are consumable items (i.e. production supplies such as screws, literature, etc) that are just reordered manually as required.  The system treats non-stock items as if they are always available and sales order and shop order lines for non-stock items are always saved as fully allocated.  The on hand quantity of a nonstock item is always 0 as the system never adjusts the on hand quantity during processing.

Since non-stock items normally have an on hand quantity of zero and are always treated as if an unlimited quantity of the item is available, they are NOT included the on Purchasing Recommendations report produced by the system.  If a non-stock item needs to be ordered from a vendor, the purchase order for the item must be created manually in the Purchase Order Entry program, or the item can be ordered on a paper (non system generated) purchase order.


Sales Order / Shop Order Entry

PO/ Requisition Creation


Invoicing/Order Completion

Shop Order Processing