Obtaining a report of IFT transfers which are in Transit.

The Pending File Report may be used to determine the total amount of IFT transfers that are in transit (items which have been shipped out of the source location and which have not been received in the destination location).  To determine the amount of merchandise in transit for each IFT customer, select the Pending File Report from the menu, and select "Y" to select by Company.  At this point the Pending File Report will display the Customer Selector program.  Once the Customer Selector program is displayed, FIND and highlight the correct IFT customer record (this is the record used on the IFT sales order and invoice) and press the ENTER key to select the record.  If you wish to run the report for a specific date range (based on shipping date) or inventory item number range you may also enter the appropriate range into these selections.  You may then select the report sequence if desired (the Bill to and the Ship to company names should be the same on all IFT sales orders and invoices).  Once you have made these selections you should accept the "Y" which defaults into the Select by Pending line status selection and also accept the "O" which defaults into the status's to be included (IFT pending records which have not been received are status "O").  You may then select the output option for the report and process the report by accepting the "Y" which defaults into the Correct? field.  The report produced by the system will list all of the Open IFT transfers for the selected customer(s).  The information which is printed for each item in transit includes the  customer and  invoice number associated with the shipment, the PO number from the invoice, the per unit and extended cost of the item at the time it was transferred into the Pending file and the number of days the item has been in the Pending file. 


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