Purchasing Procedures

This section describes the procedures that should be followed on a daily basis or as required when running the purchasing system.


Purchasing - Item Setup and Maintenance

Purchasing - Vendor Setup and Maintenance

Purchasing - Checking inventory quantity and status information

Purchasing - Viewing Demand and Usage Information

Purchasing - Creating a PO using PO Entry

Purchasing - Creating PO Requisitions for Warehouse Replenishment

Purchasing - Creating a PO from Requisitions

Purchasing - Editing a Purchase Order

Purchasing - Processing PO Requisitions

Purchasing - Processing Special Order Items.

Processing Vendor Shipments

Editing POs or SOs for Special Order and Vendor Shipment items.

Auditing linked purchase orders.

Displaying Purchase Order History for an item.

Processing an Inter-Facility Transfer

Checking the status of, or viewing an IFT Purchase Order.

Checking the status of or viewing an IFT Sales Order.

Editing an IFT PO

Obtaining a report of IFT transfers which are in Transit.