Open Accounts Payable

The Open Accounts Payable report lists all of the open accounts payable invoices in the system in vendor order.  The report defaults to include all accounts payable invoices which are open and which have been posted to the General Ledger (based on the invoice status), in the operator division.   The report can be used to provide a list of all open invoices at a point in time, and it also allows you to select from the open invoices based on the invoice due date, vendor, and other criteria.


Selection Options:  The Open Accounts Payable report includes the following selection options.

      AP Autopost:  Allows you to select a specific accounts payable autopost.  StreamV allows you to maintain multiple different Accounts Payable Control Accounts in the General Ledger.  If this option is being used, the AP Autopost Selection can be used to filter the report to include only the invoices for a specific autopost.  If an autopost is not specified, all accounts payable autoposts are included.

      Div:  Selects invoices for a single division.

      Due Date From and To:  Selects only the accounts payable invoices with Due Dates within the specified due date range.

      Vendor From and To:  Selects only the open invoices for Vendors in the Selected Vendor Name Range.

      Vendor Type IN: Outputs the open invoices for any vendors who are assigned the specified Vendor Type in the Vendor Master File.

      Vendor Class IN:  Selects the open invoices for only those vendors that have the specified Class Codes assigned to them in the Vendor Master file.

      Vendor Status IN:  Selects the open invoices for only those vendors that have the specified status assigned to them in the Vendor Master file.

      Invoice Currency:  Allows you to select only the invoices that were entered with the specified currency code.

      Invoice Type IN:  Selects only those accounts payable invoices which have been assigned one of the specified Type codes during AP Entry.

      Invoice Status IN: Selects only those invoices which have the specified Status Code(s).  This selection defaults to include status code A (Active and available for payment), I (In transit not yet available for payment), and R (Received not yet available for payment).  The I and R codes are used by the optional Advanced Shipment Notification System when it automatically creates and clears AP invoices for inbound inventory shipments from your vendors.  Status S or Submitted invoices are not yet posted to the GL, are not available for payment, and are not included in the report by default.

      Output body only for export:  This output option allows you to export only the invoice detail (no headers, footers, vendor subtotals are output).  When this selection is used, the other two checkbox selections are ignored (you cannot output invoice comments or multi-currency totals when the body only option is used).

      Output Invoice Header Comment:  Allows you to output the accounts payable invoice header comments for each invoice on the report.

      Output Multicurrency Totals Checkbox: If this option is selected, the report outputs an additional section at the end of the report which lists the total amount of invoices entered in each currency appearing on the report.  This section includes the foreign currency total, and the house currency value of the foreign currency total based on the most current exchange rate in the system for each currency.  This information can be used to make entries for un-realized foreign currency exchange gains or losses when required.

Advanced Selections

      Invoice Date From and To:  Allows you to select only the open invoices with invoice dates in the specified range.

Output Format:

The following section displays a sample of the output produced by the Open Accounts Payable Report.  The Open Accounts Payable report outputs to a report grid object that can be used to view or print the report.  The report grid object also supports other output options that allow you to export the report output to Excel, HTML or XML. 


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