Operational Notes

In character mode - Two offline editors are provided to view the OmniRush files: FV116E00 (ORJob) and FV118E00 (ORHistry).

In GUI Mode – Two offline editors with selection lists are provided to view the OmniRush files: FV116E00 (ORJob) and FV118E00 (ORHistry).  Additionally a shipment management module is provided to manage shipments I a list based environment, including deleting shipments, re-manifesting and re-printing labels.

Reprinting a Label:  A copy of the label image is saved in the directory specified in OmniRush each time a label is sent the printer.  Images are stored as a Bitmap.  This label can be reprinted using a web-browser which calls the appropriate program to display/print the image.  The labels are named with the tracking number of the shipment.

Deleting a Shipment – To delete a shipment, find the ORHistry record in the ORHistry Offline Editor and press the USER2 (F8) key.  This will find the original job record in the OrJob file, create a job in the ORJob file (passing the tracking number of the package) telling Airborne to delete the package.  An ORHistry record is returned confirming the deletion.

Re-manifesting – To re-manifest a shipment, first delete the shipment as described above, then execute FV069S01 which will prompt you for the invoice number and restart the manifesting process.  Select “Re-manifest” when prompted.

Shipment Attributes – Depending on the carrier each shipping method can have special handling or processing attributes.  For example, Saturday Delivery, Adult Signature Required, etc…  These codes are carried from the Sales Order through invoicing in comment # 2005 which is used by the Generic Manifesting Program.


General Configuration