Generic Manifesting

The Manifesting procedure allows the recording of shipping information in the manifest file for shipments made on carriers directly supported by Cove applications and those not directly supported.

Each shipping method (Freight record) has a "carrier number" associated with it.  This is a number assigned by the system operator to the Carrier that this shipping method is associated with. 

Carrier numbers 1 to 10 are assigned exclusively by Cove and reflect the carriers that Cove has direct interfaces to.  The local system administrator may assign carrier numbers 11 and above.

The manifesting procedure is normally called at the end of the shipping (invoicing) process and is passed the number of the invoice to manifest.

After a shipment is invoiced the invoice information is loaded into Generic Manifesting Processor (FV069S01).  This program looks at the invoice to determine the shipping method and creates box records automatically based on the carton flag in the catalog record.  The operator can add boxes to the shipment as required. 

The first thing the manifesting process does is to attempt to automatically create parcels records based on the invoices.  The system looks at the items on the invoice, checks the catalog file for weight and box size & count information, then, if it has enough information, it creates manifest records.  The process reads packaging, dimension and weight information from the Catalog file (F108).  Historically the user would have to key in the number of packages and the loop through each manifest record, enter the weight, select the box size and confirm the box value.  These steps are eliminated and the records are pre-created for the user.

The operator may edit these automatically created records, or add additional manifest records.


Operational Notes

General Configuration

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