Order#/Ticket# Windows

The Order# and Ticket# windows are used to specify the order number and ticket number to be reset.  Each picklist has a unique ticket number and this number and the sales order number must both be specified in order to allow the system to reset a picklist. 

You may specify the order and ticket number of the Picklist to be reset by the program by scanning the bar code on the picklist or by manually entering the order number, a dash and then the ticket number into the Order# window.  Once you have entered a valid order/ticket number combination, the system will display the customer and shipping address for the order in the Order (middle) section of the program.  If you enter an invalid order/ticket combination the system will display an error message (Pick not found, or Pick not Open or a similar error) as you input the information.

Please Note:  You can only reset a picklist that is Open (where the pick lines have a status of O).  If a picklist has been invoiced or reset already, you may not process it in the Reset Picklist program.


Shipping Hold Checkbox