Picking Inventory

Once a Picklist has been generated for a sales order, the picklist is used by the warehouse staff to actually pull the items and quantities specified on the picklist from the bin locations that are listed on the picklist.

If the goods for a single order line should be pulled from multiple different bin locations, the picklist will list each of the bin locations and the quantity to be pulled from each location on a separate line on the picklist document.

The items and quantities in the bins specified on the picklist are allocated or committed to the sales by the Bin Management system when a picklist is generated for the order, so the goods for the order should be pulled from the bins listed on the pick.  If there is a discrepancy between the bin specified on the pick and the actual location of the goods to be pulled, the picklist should be reset, the bin error should be corrected, and the picklist should be reprinted so that it reflects the correct bin for each item and quantity.

      Use the Printed Picklist to identify and pull the items to be shipped out for the sales order being processed.

      If the correct quantity for each item is found in the specified bin location, note the quantity picked.

      If the specified quantity for an item is not present in the specified bin.

1.  You may pick a quantity smaller that the amount specified on the pick.  If the quantity suggested on the picklist for a specific order line, bin and item is not present in the bin, the system allows the invoice to be processed using the amount that was actually found and pulled from the bin.   If you pick a smaller quantity than specified on the picklist, the operator creating the invoice can adjust the quantity to reflect the amount actually picked and shipped, but the bin error must still be corrected after the order is invoiced.  If you do not correct the bin error, the system will continue to suggest that you pull the remaining quantity for the order line from the bin with the incorrect quantity (this is due to the fact that the system is showing an available quantity in the bin).

2.  You may reset the picklist and correct the inventory/bin error.   If one or more of the bin/item/quantities listed on the picklist being processed are not available, you may reset the picklist and correct any related bin and inventory discrepancies prior to picking the goods. 

You should not pull any goods from any bins that are not listed on the pick being processed (even if the required item is available in a different bin), as the system may have allocated the quantity in the bin to a different picklist.


Creating Order Invoices and Shippers