Picking/Pull Ticket Processing              

As pick lists and pull tickets are printed for sales orders and shop orders, the system determines the bin or bins that each item should be retrieved from.  As each document is produced, the system increases the committed quantity in each bin record by the amount printed on the document.  The committed quantity is used to reserve the bin quantity that has already been assigned to specific sales or shop orders.  The committed quantity in the bin is reduced when the documents are processed (the pick ticket is invoiced, or the shop order pull ticket is processed), or when the documents are re-set (set back to un-printed status) using the programs designed for this purpose.  

The logic used when selecting the bin to be used for a particular sales order line or shop order line is as follows.

      Find the bins for the warehouse location and item number being processed.  The bins are scanned in order of the lowest to highest quantity (so that bin locations with small quantities will be emptied first).

      Check the unit of measure in the Inventory Master record for the item being processed.

      Compare the unit of measure in the item to the unit of measure in the bin.  If the unit of measure in both records is the same or if the unit of measure in the bin record is blank, then the bin qualifies, and the next test is applied.  If the unit of measure in bin is filled in and does not match that in the item, the remaining bins are examined.

      Check the Bin field in the Bin record being processed.  If it is less than RD0 and greater than RD9, the system will check the bin quantities and try to commit from the bin.  If the bin being examined is a reserved bin, the system will continue examining the remaining bin records for the item.

      This process is repeated for each line until the entire allocated quantity has been committed to the order or until the system determines that the total quantity needed by the order is not available.  If the system is unable to commit the same quantity as that allocated to the order, the system will print an “amount not available” message on the pick list.  This message can indicate that the items have not yet been transferred from the receiving dock bins (reserved bins that are not picked from), or it can indicate another problem such as having a variance between the inventory and the bin quantities for the item.  The amount not available error can also be caused by a variance between the bin committed quantity and the total quantity committed from the bin based on the printed pick lists and pull tickets on the system.


Bin Transfers