Receiving Dock Processing - Reserved Bins

In the current software revision there is a range of bins that are reserved for receiving only.  The BIN codes “RD0” – “RD9” are treated as receiving docks and the system will not attempt to assign items in these bins (commit the bin quantities) to sales orders or shop orders as pick lists and pull tickets are generated.  By using RD0 – RD9 and the PRDEFBIN parameter, you can force the system to update one of these reserved bins during the inventory receiving process.  If this option is used, the items in the bin range RD0 – RD9 will not be committed from, and the items will have to be moved (using the Bin Transfer function) to a different bin before the system will commit them.  This option would normally be used in a larger warehouse, and would prevent the system from having users pick the inventory from the receiving dock.   


Picking/Pull Ticket Processing