Proposed Disbursements

The Proposed Disbursements Report provides the operator with a list of the invoices that have been selected for payment up to a specific pay date.  The Proposed Disbursements report is during accounts payable payment processing to preview an AP check run before creating the checks.

Selection Options:  The Proposed Disbursements report includes the following selection options.

      Pay Date:  Allows you to select only the accounts payable invoices that have due dates less than or equal to the specified pay date.  The Pay Date selection is also the primary selection that is used in the Accounts Payable Create Checks or Wire Transfers that is used to generate computer checks and wire transfers.

      Proposed Check Date: The date on which the check run will be processed.  This information is used by the report along with the discount date stored in each invoice to determine if the discount amount can be taken during payment processing.  It controls whether each discount is included in the report totals.

      Vendor Name Range: Includes only those open accounts payable invoices that have been entered for the selected vendor or vendor range.

      Vendor Type In: Includes only the open invoices for vendors which have one of the specified types assigned to them in the Vendor Master file.

      Division EQ: Includes only those invoices which were posted to the specified division.

      AP Autopost: Selects only those accounts payable invoices which have been posted to the specified Accounts Payable Autopost Number.  StreamV allows you to maintain multiple different Accounts Payable Control Accounts in the General Ledger.  If this option is being used, the AP Autopost Selection can be used to filter the report to include only the invoices for a specific AP autopost or AP control account.

      Invoice Type IN: Selects only those accounts payable invoices which have been assigned one of the specified Type code(s) during AP Entry.

      Invoice Status IN: Selects only those invoices which have the specified Status Code(s).  This selection defaults to include status code A (Active and available for payment), I (In transit not yet available for payment), and R (Received not yet available for payment).  The I and R codes are used by the optional Advanced Shipment Notification System when it automatically creates and clears AP invoices for inbound inventory shipments from your vendors.  Status S or Submitted invoices are not yet posted to the GL, are not available for payment, and are not included in the report by default.

      Invoice Currency EQ: Includes only those open invoices that were entered using the specified currency.

      Include Non-AutoPay Vendors:  The Autopay field in the Vendor Master file is used to block automated payment processing for a vendor.  If the Autopay field is set to Y, the system will include invoices for the vendor in a computer generated check run.  If the Autopay field for the vendor is set to N, the system will not allow a computer check to be generated for the vendor unless the vendor is processed individually.

      Include Invoices on Hold: This option allows you to include invoices which are on hold in the report.  This selection defaults to N since the system will not automatically pay an invoice which is on hold

      Print Invoice Detail: This option which defaults to Y will cause the report to output the individual invoice detail for the selected invoices and vendors.  If the selection is not checked, the system will output one line for each invoice.  If the option is selected, the system will output an additional line for each invoice that shows additional fields from each invoice.

      Print Invoice Header Comment: If this option is selected, the report will output any comments or text notes that have been created for the invoices that are included on the report.

      Output MultiCurrency: The Output Multi-Currency selection will cause the report to produce a summary total section at the end of the report that lists the totals for each invoice currency shown on the report.  This section lists the amount of the invoices in the each currency, and the value of the invoices in house currency based on the most current exchange rate in the system for each currency.

Output Format:

The following section displays a sample of the output produced by the Proposed Disbursements Report.  This sample is based on the default List and Label Template for the report that is provided by Cove Systems.  Please note that the report output and selection information can also be customized using the Advanced Reporting Options and the Design report options that are available in the system.

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