RA Cross Shipment

In some situations, you may need to send your customer one or more replacement items before you have received the item or items being returned by the customer.  This situation is referred to as a “Cross Shipment”.  Once a valid RA has been entered for a customer, you may process a cross shipment.  When you process a cross shipment, the system creates a new sales order for the items and quantities on the selected ra, and it updates the cross shipment quantity in each ra line.

The replacement sales order created by the cross shipment option is processed using the normal order processing and order completion programs, and this order can be shipped out immediately or at a later time (based on your stock levels, order hold status, etc.)   This option allows you to replace a dead on arrival piece of equipment as soon as possible.

A cross shipment is optional and only used when you need to send a replacement out before receiving the return from the customer.  The ability to process a cross shipment can be restricted by operator or globally based on your company policy.


RA Receipt Processing