Receiving an RA

The RA Receiving Process is used to identify the items that have been physically received against a specific return authorization.

1.  Select the Returns Management program from the Return Authorization Management Menu, and select or highlight the return authorization that you have received inventory for.  The selected ra should have a status of O (open) indicating that the items have not yet been received back from the customer, or I (in stock) indicating that the ra has already been partially received.

2.  Press the Receive Button to activate the RA Receipt program.  When a valid open or in stock ra is selected in the Returns  Managment program and the receive button is pressed, the system activates the RA Receipt program and it loads the program with any lines from the selected ra that are waiting to be received (these are ra lines that are open and in stock status that have a received quantity less than the quantity in the ra line).

3.  Use the mouse and keyboard, the Clear All Qty and the Default All Qty buttons to set the quantity in the Now column to the quantity received from the customer.  The quantity in the Now column will default to the open quantity for each line, but you may also use the keyboard to manually change the quantity.  The Clear All Qty button can be used to clear the quantity for all lines displayed in the program and the Default All Qty can be used to default the total un-received quantity for each line into the now column.  Please note: You cannot receive a quantity that is higher than the open quantity on the ra in the RA Receipt program.

4.  Press the Receive Button to save the receipt.  When the receipt button is pressed, the system updates the status of the ra lines being received against from O (or I if partially received already) to I or In stock.  The system also increases the received quantity in each ra line by the quantity received, and it loads the operator initials of the operator who processed the receipt in the Received By field of the ra line.  The Received Date field in each ra line is updated with the current date, and the ra header record status is updated (if necessary) from O to I.


Processing a Replacement Sales Order