Receiving Comment

The Receiving Comment option in the Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program can be selected using the Comment Button in the Cove Standard Toolbar or using the More or the Context Menu.

The Receiving Comment option allows you to enter a comment that is attached to or associated with the Inventory Transaction records for the Vendor Ship Invoice.  The system allows you to create one receiving header comment (that applies to all items being received or processed in the Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program), and one line item comment for each PO line being processed in the program.

The receiving comments for the vendor shipment are assigned a source of RC (Receiving comment) and a temporary number by the Prepare to Invoice Vendor Shipment program.  The comments are then assigned a permanent number (the inventory transaction number that is assigned to the inventory transactions for the shipment) when the Vendor Shipment Invoice is created.  The receiving header comment is assigned a line number of 0 to indicate that it applies to the whole transaction, and the receiving line comments are assigned a line number that matches the PO line being processed. 

The Receiving Comments that are created for receiving and vendor shipment transactions can be viewed from the Inventory Activity Lookup program and from the Inventory Transaction Detail Panel programs which are both described in the documentation for the Warehouse Management System (WMS).   These programs load the header comment with the RC comment source, and the selected inventory transaction number.  The line item comments are loaded based on the comment source (RC), the transaction number, and the source line number from the transaction record (which points to the PO line that the transaction line is associated with.


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