Repost a Journal Entry

The Repost a Journal Entry utility is used to fix journal entries that could not be posted automatically by the system.  The program is used to recover from system errors and it should only be used by System Administrators who are familiar with the StreamV Accounting applications.

The Journal Entry Posting Routine is used to post each journal entry to the general ledger.  The posting routine is used to post all journal entries created on the system, and the routine is normally called or executed automatically by the individual programs that create general ledger transactions. 

As each journal entry is passed to the posting routine, the routine audits the journal entry to make sure that it is in balance, that the accounts in the journal entry exist, and are set up for posting, and that the journal entry has not already been posted or voided.  If the journal entry passes the audits built into the program, the posting routine updates the appropriate Account Period Records with the amounts from the journal entry and it changes the status of the journal entry lines from N (new) to P (posted) to indicate that it has been processed.  If the journal entry cannot be posted successfully, an error message is displayed to notify the operator that the transaction could not be posted and the status of the journal entry lines are set to V (voided).

The Journal Entry Posting routine is normally executed automatically by the system when journal entries are created by processing programs.   The Journal Entry Posting Routine can also be executed manually in order to process a journal entry that could not be posted automatically.  This option would normally be used only after the reason for the original posting failure had been determined and corrected.  Please note that only status N (new) journal entries can be passed to the posting routine.


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