Required Documents - Technical Information

This section presents Technical Information about the Customer Required Documents Option

Required Documents - Gencode Table

The list of documents that are displayed in the Required Documents section of the Customer Detail program is determined by a Gencode or Generic Code table.COMRQDOC.  One or more gencode records are added to this table.  For each Gencode record, the Code field is freeform (used to enter a short description), and the Description field record is used to display the document name in the Required Documents list.   The Gencode Data_N1 field is required and it contains a "sequence" number which is used to identify the document line number.  An optional number can be put in the Data_N2 field to indicate hold old the document can be (based on the images revision_date).  New required documents can be inserted from the list (added to the Gencode Table from the Customer Detail program by sysops.  

Required Documents - Advanced Feature

StreamV allows you to base the documents which are required for each customer to be dependent on the Entity Type of the Customer.  If you are maintaining the Entity Type (Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprieter, Holding Company, etc) and if you have a Gencode table set up to control the Entity Type, the Company Entity Type gencode record DATA_1 field can be loaded with the “sequence" number of a required document from the Required Document Gencode Table.  If the Data1 field in the Entity Type Gencode record is loaded, and the customer has the defined entity type, the required document will not be displayed on the list.  This allow you to have a required document like "Personal Guarantee" that should not be required on an entity type = Government


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