Return to Inventory from Pending

The Return to Inventory option in the Pending Management program allows you to return the selected pending item to inventory, or to return the selected item and then convert it to a depreciated version of the original item.  When this transaction is processed, the system first creates a Type RI (Return to Inventory) Inventory Activity record, and it uses that record to recognize any gain or loss due to the item cost for the pending record changing while the Pending item was out of house.  Once the RI transaction is completed, the system creates a Type “CI” Convert Item transaction to show the conversion of the item to the depreciated item number selected.  Any serial records for the Pending item are marked as returned to inventory, then they are also converted to the depreciated item number.  Serial History records are written to document the changes to the serialized inventory detail.  If an RA is associated with the selected Pending record, the ra and ra line associated with the record are written to both the RI and the CI Inventory Activity records.  The Invoice and Line associated with the Pending record are also recorded in the Inventory Activity records.