Return to Inventory Button

The Return to Inventory button allows you to return the selected open IFT Pending record to the source, or another inventory location.  The Return to Inventory option is typically used when a transfer is cancelled after the IFT Sales Order has been invoiced, when an error is made on the quantity shipped out, or when the transfer will not be received at the original destination.

When a Return to Inventory

 Returns the selected items to inventory.  When the Return to Inventory Button is pressed, the system prompts you to select the inventory location to which the selected Pending records are being returned to.  Once you select a valid location from the displayed list, the system checks to make sure the items exist in the selected warehouse.  If not an error message is displayed.

If the items exist in the selected warehouse, the system returns the selected items and quantities to the specified inventory location, it updates the selected Pending records for the quantities being closed, and makes any required adjustments to the General Ledger to book the transaction.  The cost of the item in the pending file is compared to the cost of the item in inventory at the time the return is made and this amount is charged to a Gain or Loss account.

Selection Restrictions

The IFT Management program uses the following logic when restricting the types of processing that can be performed for each Pending record type.

The records you are processing must exist in the warehouse location that you are returning to.    If an IFT (type I) record is processed (supported only in the StreamV application), the system will automatically close out the appropriate quantity in the open purchase order lines for the IFT transfer when the record is written off.


Write Off Button