Running the Datacheck Utility

      The Datacheck Utility is a StreamV program that validates the data in your database files.  The utility will identify records that have invalid field information.  The invalid field information can result from empty values in required fields (a blank value in a field that should be set to Y or N) or from values that do not match the validation tables that are used for each record. 

      Example validation errors would include

      Blank values in required fields (blank in a field that should be set Y or N

      Invalid Terms for a customer record

      Invalid product line for a Catalog record.

      Invalid data in a Gencode required field (i.e. an invalid stateor Taxtype  in a customer record,

      The Datacheck program will identify situations where a record does not point to a valid parent (i.e. an invalid vendor or manufacturer in an item record, but the Orphan Check program should be run and the errors shown in the program should be fixed before running the Datacheck program.  This is due to the fact that the datacheck program checks the entire record, and it will not be able to completely check the record if it points to an invalid parent.


Running the Default Value Loader