Running the Default Value Loader

      The Default Value Loader program allows you to specify default values to be loaded into specific fields in the records in a specific file.  The Default Value Loader allows you to load default information into multiple fields in the records being processed.

      The Default Value Loader will load only records which have a blank value in the specific field being processed.  The Default Value Loader program is very usefull when you are starting up a new system as it allows you to load several fields in each record in one pass.

      To run the Default Value Loader, the operator should

      Select the Default Value Loader program from the System Administration Reconciliation/Utilities/Audit Menu.

      Select the file to be processed.

      Select the fields to be loaded and the information that should be loaded into each field.  This information should be valid based on the validation tables or database rules that are being used for the field.  In many cases, the required fields and the default values that are valid for each field will be listed in the File and Field Help information that is delivered with the system.


StreamV System Startup Checklist