StreamV Startup Tasks

This section provides an overview of the tasks you will need to perform, and the concepts that you will need to be familiar with during the  StreamV System Startup Process

 Topics that are described in this section include.

      Installing the StreamV Software and other required components on your servers and workstations.

      Pointing your demonstration or test system to the Startup Database provided with the system.

      Creating and Editing the Table information that is required by the system.  Setting up basic information such as divisions, departments, operator records, payment terms, that are used by many different areas in the system.

      Loading Master Data such as Customer, Inventory, and Vendor Data.

      Setting system counters

      Setting up standard ar custom Print Routines

      Setting up System Security

      Maintaing System Policies and Parameters.  Setting System or Program Configuration options, using System Administration programs or System Administator options in standard programs.

      System Security.  Controlling Access to Menus, Programs, Program Options and specific data in the StreamV application.

      Field Defaults Setting up the default information to be used for new database records.   Defaults allow you to speed up data entry, by loading specific fields in new records.  The default information and security can be combined to both default and restrict the ability to change sensitive information (such as payment terms or credit limits) during new record creation.

      Field Labels.  Setting up site specific labels for specific fields in the database.  The field labels allow you rename spare or other fields based on your specific use for them

      Field Masks.  Field Masking allows you to control the formatting of specific data, such as phone numbers, and to restrict the amount of data that can be entered into fields.  Phone number formats can be set up in a country specific format, numeric field precision can be controlled, and the amount of data that can be entered into a specific field can be adjusted using field masking options.

      Textdata file Maintenance.  The Textdata file contains System Control records that are used to control system behavior, or store configuration information..  The file also contains standard SQL Query reports, forms formatting information, and other data.

      CoveText File:  The Covetext file is a Cove file that is overwritten during system updates.  It is used to deliver new textdata, and field help information to the customer sites when updates are performed.

      LongCode File.  The LongCode file stores configuration information and other data used by the system.  MyCove, MyGroup, and some other menu and program security information.


StreamV Software Components

StreamV Software Installation

Server Install

Client Install

Client Install - Disable Microsoft Security Warning When Reading StreamV.bat Via A Network Share

StreamV Databases

StreamV Table, Parameter and Control Files

Data Validation

Checking for Orphan Data

Running the Datacheck Utility

Running the Default Value Loader