Sales Track Only Serial = S

The Sales Track Only Serial option allows you to partially track the activity of serialized items that are processed on the system.  This option does not provide the same level of control and accuracy as the Serial = Y or serialized option does, and for that reason it is not recommended.  The Sales Track Only option also requires some custom configuration and setup.

The Sales Track Only option allows you to skip the entry of the serial numbers for Serial = S items when they are received into inventory, and to record the serial numbers for the first time only when the goods are shipped out of the system.  This option saves some labor in the receiving department but it also prevents verifying that the serial numbers being entered at invoicing are valid (i.e. were received in the first place).

Items that have been identified as Sales Track Only Items (Serial = S), do not require serial number input during PO Receiving.

The serial numbers for Sales Track Only items are updated and are required when the item is sold (invoiced out on a loaner or a normal invoice), when they are processed in any way in the Pending Management program, or when they are returned to you by the customer). 

The system does not try to keep the on hand quantity of Serial = S items in synch with the status I serial records for the item in each warehouse location, and the serial numbers for these items do not need to be specified when you are doing an inventory adjustment or transfer (immediate) for the item.

Sales Track Only items also may NOT be used in the Shop Order System as either components or as top level parts as this option does not allow verification of the serial numbers being used (the system cannot validate the serial numbers for the items as they may or may not be in the system depending on the transactions that have already been processed for the items).


Non-Serialized Item - Serial = N