Serialized Item Serial = Y

If the Serial flag for an item is set to Y, the serial numbers for the item are tracked throughout the system.  This option is the recommended way to process serialized items and it provides for the most accuracy and control.

When an item is flagged as serial = Y, the system prompts for serial numbers for the item when it is first received into the system and it creates Serial Master records for the item during the receiving process.  The system then requires you to identify the serial numbers being processed any time any transaction is processed for the item.

Since the serial numbers for Serial = Y items are recorded at receipt, and since they are updated each time a transaction is processed for the item, the system can validate that the serial numbers being used for the item at any point are valid (i.e. have the correct status, ownership information, etc, based on the transaction being processed).  The system tests the serial numbers being input for these items during transaction processing and it blocks processing or displays a warning if an invalid transaction is being processed or an invalid serial number is being input.

At any point in time the In Stock serial numbers for a Serial = Y item should match the on hand quantity for the item in each warehouse location adjusted for any shop orders that have been pulled but not serialized.


Sales Track Only - Serial = S