For maximum portability the Stream Image processing system uses the TWAIN scanner interface standard.  Most scanners, including multi-function devices that have scanning capability, come with a TWAIN driver.  This provides a standard interface to the unique hardware interface to the scanner.  STREAM V uses the standard TWAIN software interface to be completely scanner independent.

Cove Systems uses the EZTWAIN ActiveX component from DOSADI to talk to the TWAIN interface.

Using the TWAIN standard allows low cost scanners to be placed at the user’s desktop or high-end scanners to be shared.  Using a desktop TWAIN scanner the image is attached to a source document as the image is scanned.  Using a shared scanner the images are stored on disk and then connected the appropriate documents.

There are substantial differences between scanners, not only in speed but in features and functionality.   Which feature are supported on a scanner, how they are supported,  is dependent on the functionality and quality of the Twain driver provided by the scanner manufacturer.  The are big differences in quality.  DOSADI provides a Twain/Scanner tester which can be downloaded from:

Most scanners come with a software “Scanning User Interface” ( the UI) in addition to the control panel on the scanner.  Scanning can be done three ways; via the control panel, via the UI and via the TWAIN driver.

 The Cove Imaging interface support scanning with the TWAIN driver, with or without the UI.  Without the UI Cove Imaging supports the following options:

1.  Scan a single image to a file using the system default image type. Depending on the driver it will scann from the ADF or the glass.

2.  Scan multiple images from an ADF (automatic document feeder) to a single file. 

This is the fastest and most automated way to scan and attach images to system documents.  We support setting a few preferences, which include:

1.  Scan Duplex – if the scanner has an ADF you may control if the scanner should scan both sides of the document.

2.  Resolution – Scanning resolution,

To use other features of the scanner you may elect to scan with the UI.  This allows you to control everything that your scanner can control.  When using the UI we popup up the UI when you press the scan button and when you tell the UI you are done scanning we store the image(s) returned from the scanner.

Note: There are real differences in what the scanners and scanner drivers support.  Be sure to confirm it does what you need before purchasing (or at least don’t buy a lot of them before testing).

Cove provides short test reports on the scanner we have tested with the features we have found to work well on the scanner.  These are available on our website, search for “Scanner Report”.  We will evaluate scanners on a time and materials basis.

The following sections discuss Cove Imaging in different modules, followed by technical information for configuration and programming.

Note: WIA (Windows Image Acquisition)] drivers are NOT supported in StreamV. When using ADF


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