Select Current Item to Transfer Button

The Select Current Item to Transfer Button is used to transfer all or a portion of the the available quantity for a specific item and bin in the selected warehouse location  to a different bin in the same warehouse location. 

Please Note:  If you need to process an inventory transfer to a different warehouse location, you should use the Inventory Transfer program and not the Bin Management program to process the transaction.  The Bin Management program only allows transfers between bins that are located in the same warehouse location.

When the Select Current Item to Transfer option is selected, the system displays the Bin Tranfer Program and it loads the program with the information for the selected bin record.  The information that is displayed in the Bin Transfer Program includes the warehouse location and the bin from which the selected item is being transferred.  This information is displayed in the top section of the program and it may not be changed.

The Bin Transfer program also displays a list which shows the currently selected item number, the item description, the free quantity for the selected bin, the quantity to be transferred, and a column which is used to display the destination bin for the transfer. 

The Transfer quantity for each item defaults to the free or uncommitted quantity in the bin (the quantity that has not been reserved for printed shop order pulltickets or sales order picklists).


Select All Items in Bin to Transfer Button