View Open Picks

The View Open Picks option can be selected using the Context or the Right Mouse Menu or by using the More Menu.  The View Open Picks option allows you to view the Pick records for the selected warehouse/item/bin combination. 

Pick records are used to assign specific bin quantities to specific sales or shop order lines as a pick ticket (sales order) or a pull ticket (shop order) is printed for the line.   Each pick record stores a unique ticket number, the warehouse, item, and bin that the pick record is associated with, the sales or shop order line associated with the pick and the quantity that has been committed from the bin.

The total of the open pick records for a specific item/bin combination in a specific warehouse should match the Committed quantity for the bin, and the system will not allow you to drive the bin committed quantity below the on hand quantity for a specific bin.

When the View Open Picks option is selected, the system activates the Picks for a Bin Lookup program and it loads the program with the status O (open) picks for the bin.  The information that is displayed for each Pick record in the Picks for a Bin Lookup program can be customized based on system parameter files, but it normally includes the ticket number and line automatically assigned to the pick using a system counter, the sales or shop order number and line associated with the pick, the warehouse location and bin that the goods should be pulled from, the quantity to be pulled from the bin and the status of the pick record.  The Picks for a Bin Lookup program does not allow you to modify the records that are displayed in the program. 

Pick records are generally closed by processing the pull ticket associated with the records (shop order), by invoicing the pick ticket (sales order), or by resetting the document associated with the picks using the Reset Printed Picklist or the Reset Pull Ticket options that are available in the sales order and shop floor systems to cancel or void the pick.


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