Selecting Records

The IFT Management program supports tagging or selecting multiple records in the program.  The IFT Management program will only allow you to tag or select open records for processing, and the records which you select are validated when you try to process them. 

You may select open Pending records in the IFT Management program by

      Using the left mouse button to tag the records to be processed (this action will cause the system to display a checkmark in the selected records).  This should be done after setting the To Clear Quantity (the quantity to be processed in each line).  The To Clear Quantity can be set manually using the Zoom option or automatically by tagging the record (the system will default the open quantity into the To Clear field when you tag an open record).

      Using the spacebar to select the records to be processed.

Please note that if you are selecting serialized items in the IFT Management program, you should also tag the serial numbers that should be processed (using the tagged serial option described later in this section).  The system will also automatically tag a single highlighted record (for an item that is not serialized) if you have not already specified the To Clear Quantity and try to process the record (by pressing one of the buttons in the lower section of the program).

Untagging you may normally untag a record by using the left mouse or the spacebar.  f the record is selected by another operator, it will be unavailable for

Write-off  to GL Type R  or Customer Loaners and Return To Vendor transactions are supported.  No Ticket Billing (type T) pending records can be processed.  If an IFT (type I) record is processed (supported only in the StreamV application), the system will automatically close out the appropriate quantity in the open purchase order lines for the IFT transfer when the record is written off.


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