Setting Up The Questions

The questions are set up using the Question Maintenance program. Upon selecting this program from the menu you will be prompted for the question set to edit. Upon selecting the question set the questions for this set will be displayed. At this point you may either add new questions or edit existing ones. Each question is identified by the set identifier and a unique number generated by the system. You may control the display sequence of the questions by editing the sequence number field in the question record. Each question record contains the following fields.


Field Name


Additional Information


Question set identifier

Used to group questions together.


Unique question number

Used to uniquely associate information with this question. This number is assigned by the system when the question record is created.


Display Sequence #

Used to control the display sequence of the question records.


Type of Question

(N)ormal - Question prompted until answered.

(S)tandby - Question not automatically prompted for by the system.


Question Status

(A)ctive The question should be asked if it is within the defined date range.

(I)nactive - The question is no longer being used. Up for deletion at some point. Inactive questions are not displayed nor prompted for answers.


How often to ask the question.

This field controls how long an answer is considered current. This allows the system to re-prompt for an answer to a question on a periodic basis.


The question

This field contains the short text of the question, additional explanatory text or script can be included in the comment record associated with the question.


Extended Text

This field contains more information about the question being asked or can contain the script to be read to the person being called/spoken to.


Start Date

When the question becomes valid.


End Date

When the question expires.  The system will set the question status to C at this point.

After selecting the Question editor from the menu you may add questions by pressing the INSERT key. This will bring up the Question Setup Panel and generate a unique question number which is used by the system internally.

Once you enter a question set code from A-Z and/or 0-9 the system will default the next question sequence number for questions in this set. After entering the question set ID you may define the type of question as either Normal or Standby. The status will default to Active. You may then enter a value for review days if the question should automatically be asked periodically.

Next you enter the short text of the question that will be displayed in lists. You may also enter a long text or script to go with the question.

Finally you can setup a restricted set of answers for the question if you want to restrict the answers. If one or more answers are setup the system will only allow you to answer the question using one of the answers specified.

To add an answer to the list move the cursor to the Answer List section of the screen using the mouse, TAB key or ROTATE key. Press INSERT and you will be prompted to enter an Answer Code (1-8 characters) and two additional fields - Verify and Description. These two additional fields can be used to provide additional information about the answer that may be informative to the user when they are deciding which answer to select.


Answer Records