Customer Scripting and Profiling

The Stream scripting and profiling system (SPS) allows you to create information gathering scripts and maintain an unlimited amount of structured information about your customers. This information can be used to produce reports, address labels or action records to generate outbound sales calls. Examples of the data that can be stored in the profiling system are:

      Additional customer information not in the customer master record

      Products the customer sells

      Manufacturer Authorizations

      Trade Association Memberships

      Market Focuses

      Sales Contest or Promotion Information

SPS is based on a question and answer design that allows multiple sets of questions to be maintained and the answers associated with customer records. SPS is based on two files, the QUESTION (F34) file which contains the question and information describing how the data should be collected and the ANSWER (F35) file which contains the answers. The questions in the question file are organized into question sets.  Specific question sets can be assigned to customers individually or by customer type.

Questions are attached to the customer record through the use of the answer records, which are automatically created for each question record.  The system can be configured to automatically prompt the users to answer questions that have not been answered, or questions where the answer has expired (date sensitive questions)


Setting Up The Questions

Answer Records

Associating the Questions with the Customer

Accessing the Profile

Automated Profile Prompting