Shipment Attributes Tab Page

The Shipment Attributes Tab is used to display and select the shipment options for the shipment method being used on the current invoice.  The StreamV system supports automated manifesting for several different shipping methods such as Airborne, UPS and FEDEX.  Since each shipping company and shipping method may support different options such as Saturday delivery, call tag, or residential delivery, the options that are available for each shipping method are stored in a Gencode table.  This design allows the methods for each service to be updated as required and reduces the number of fields that need to be maintained in each manifest record.

If you are invoicing a sales order, the shipment attributes that have been selected for the sales order will automatically be displayed in the Shipment Attributes Tab Page along with any other options available for that shipping method.  The options that have been selected will display an X in the Tag field to the left of the option.  Other options that have not been selected for the current order/invoice are displayed in the panel without the X in the tag field.

If you need to add a shipment attribute (i.e. Saturday delivery) to an order that is being invoiced, you may do so by double clicking the desired attribute.  This will cause the system to display an X next to the attribute and use it for the current invoice.

Cost of Shipping:  The cost to ship the current invoice to the customer.  The Cost of Shipping field is automatically loaded when you are using an automated manifesting system that is supported by Cove.  The cost of shipping for the invoice must be manually input for shipments that were not processed using a Cove automated shipping method.

Charged So Far:  The total shipping amount charged to the customer for shipments against the current sales order being processed.  This field is loaded automatically by the system and the value in the field cannot be changed in the order Completion program.


Totals/Shipping Panel