Totals/Shipping Panel

The lower right section of the Order Invoicing program is used to display the totals for the invoice being processed. 

Subtotal: The Subtotal field displays the line item total (the subtotal) for the shipment based on the quantity and prices in the sales order line items being processed.  If the subtotal amount is incorrect and you need to change it, you should modify the appropriate line item quantity or reset the order so that the price can be corrected (you may not modify the price of an existing order when you are invoicing the order in the Order Invoicing program).

Shipping:  The Amount to be charged to the customer for shipping the items being invoiced.  The Shipping amount can only be specified when you are invoicing a type

Currency:  The Currency being used for the selected invoice.  This information defaults from the order being processed and cannot be modified in the Order Invoicing program.

Total:  The total amount of the invoice prior to sales tax.  If any taxes should be added to the order for the items or the shipping amount on the order, they are added to the invoice amount as the invoice is created.

Note on Sales Tax:  If the order being processed is taxable, based on the Taxtype and Taxcode loaded in the order lines being invoiced, the system will calculate the appropriate tax amount and add it to the invoice lines and invoice header as the invoice is saved.  The tax amount calculated for each invoice line is based on the price and quantity of the items actually being shipped and the Taxtype and Taxcode used for each line.   The total amount of tax applicable to the order is also calculated by the Order Entry program and stored in each Order Header.  You can view this information using the Order Line and Order Header Detail Panels.

If you charge shipping for the invoice being processed (you can do this as long as the order being processed is a type S and not a Loaner or type L order), the system will use the Taxtype and the Taxcode from the order (the first line being invoiced) and the Tax Shipping flag in the Taxcode record for the taxcode being used to determine if tax should also be charged on the shipping amount.  If the shipping amount is taxable, the system will also calculate and add the tax for the shipping amount to the sales tax total that is stored in each invoice header.


Sales Order Line Invoicing Detail