Shop Order Header Detail Panel

The Shop Order Header Detail panel allows you to view the “header” information that has been entered into the system for the selected shop order.  Shop Order Header information is information that applies to the entire shop order and it includes information such as the quantity of the top item being built, the customer and sales order number associated with the shop order, and the schedule date for the shop order.

The Shop Order Header Detail panel also allows you to perform limited editing on the selected shop order.  You may use the panel to

      Increase the quantity of the selected shop order (if you need to decrease the shop order build quantity you should split the shop order and then delete the portion you do not wish to complete).

      Edit the Job Status and Work Center fields that are stored in the shop order header.

      Delete the selected shop order.  The Delete Button can be used to delete the selected shop order.  When this option is used, the system prompts the operator for a delete code.  The system then closes the shop order lines for the shop order, it updates the line status based on the selected delete code, and it de-allocates any component quantities from the shop order.  If the shop order was partially or completely pulled, the system also returns the pulled component quantities to inventory and makes any required accounting adjustments.


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