Special Orders - Sales Order Entry

As each special order sales order line is saved, the system  saves the line with a status of open, but with no allocated quantity in the order line.  The inventory reserved, total reserved and allocated numbers for the item are not changed (the item is being special ordered from the vendor and therefore the order line does not reserve or allocate any currently available on hand quantity for the item.

Normally, special order items should never be on hand and available, but there are situations where sales orders are cancelled after merchandise has been ordered for them from the vendor. 

If there are on hand quantities for a special order item, and you wish to fulfill the current order line from these quantities, you should flag the line for the item as a warehouse shipment (enter N in both Vendor Ship and Special).  This will cause the system to use the available stock for the item instead of creating a purchase order requisition for the line.

Note: Special Order items may not be included as a component in, or be built using a shop order.  Special Order items are supported only at the finished goods level