Special Prices

Special Prices are prices that are set up and maintained in the Special Pricing or Special file (File72).  There are various types of Special Pricing records that can be set up in the Special file, including Contract prices, Customer and Buying group specific prices, GSA prices, Sale and Quantity prices.  Rebates are also created and maintained in the Special Pricing file.

This section describes the basic components in each special pricing record and how these components are used by the system during processing.  This section does not describe rebates (Type R special pricing records) in detail.  Rebates are not necessarily used to determine the target price for an item and they are discussed in a later section of this document.

This section does describe how the rebates can be specified in non-rebate special pricing records and how this rebate amount is used by the system during processing.


Special Prices - Record Types

Active vs. Standby Prices