Active vs. Standby Prices

Rebate records and some types of  Special Price records can be set up as Active or Standby records.  Customer, Buying Group, and Contract price records and customer specific and general rebates can be set up as Active or Standby.  Sale, Quantity and GSA prices are always automatically applied by the system and should be set up as Active.

      Active Special Pricing and Rebate records are automatically used by the system during the Target Price Calculation when the order line in question qualifies for the price (based on the item, quantity, beginning and end dates, customer and optional contract# being processed).

      Standby Special Pricing records are not automatically used by the system but are shown to the user as “available” when the sales order line item being processed qualifies for the price.  The operator can then manually select the price when required.  Standby Special Pricing records are typically used  where the price is only available to the customer in certain situations.   For example: You sell an item to a dealer who sometimes has you ship it to normal end users and sometimes has you ship it to an educational institution    If the Special Price is only available when the item is sold to an educational institution, a standby special price record could be created for the dealer to handle this situation.   Another example would be a situation where the price is only available for the customer when the order is being entered against a specific contract number. 

In general, Standby Special Prices must be selected during order processing based on organic intelligence (the user decides whether or not taking the rebate is appropriate based on the circumstances). 

There are options that allow you to have the system automatically convert a standby rebate to active during processing and this option can be used to automatically take a standby rebate for a particular customer during EDI order processing.

Advanced Options

StreamV allows you to create records in the Longcode file which can be used to automatically include standby rebates in the target price calculation during EDI processing (this is necessary due to the fact that an operator cannot manually select a standby price if the order is being created automatically via EDI).  The Longcode Record that control this behavior are created with the following format.

Special Pricing Standby Flag

This Longcode record controls the default setting of the appropriate properties in the price calculation object by customer.  The flags default to not automatically use standby prices and rebates when establishing target prices.



Description – Contents




Customer Account Number




R – Include Standby Rebates

P – Include Standby Prices

B – Include both