Special Pricing/Costs Detail Panel

The Special Pricing/Costs Detail Panel is used to create and to edit the special pricing records that are maintained in the Special Pricing or Special file.  The Special file contains multiple types of special pricing records.  These records may be associated with a customer (like a Customer Specific Special Price, or a Customer Specific Rebate), a buying group (Buying Group Special Price or Buying Group Rebate), they may apply to a specific type of customer (GSA customers) or they may apply to all customers (Sale or Quantity pricing and General Rebates).

The Special file is also used to store information that is used by the purchasing system to determine the correct price to be used on purchase orders for a specific vendor and item.  These purchasing side options are described briefly in this section and are more completely described in the documentation for the Purchasing System.

The Special Pricing/Costs Detail panel is called when an existing special pricing record is selected in the Special Pricing Lookup and the Zoom option is used to edit the record.

The Special Pricing/Costs Detail panel is also used to create new special pricing records when it is called form the Special Pricing Lookup using the Insert option.

When the system activates the Special Pricing/Costs Detail Panel, it checks to see if an existing record has been selected, or if a new record is being added.

If the program is being used to display or edit an existing special price record, the loads the selected entity (Customer or Buying Group) into the panel.  The Special Pricing/Costs Detail Panel is used to specify the information for new special price records and it is described in detail in a later section of this document.


Delete - Delete Special Pricing Record.