Special Pricing Lookup

The Special Pricing Lookup program is used to display, create, and maintain special pricing records.  The Special Pricing Lookup program is used to create and maintain multiple types of different special pricing records, and when it is activated, it is normally used to display only one type of Special Pricing record at a time.   The Special Pricing Lookup is used along with the Special Pricing Manager and is activated when the operator selects the type of record to be displayed (and the appropriate customer, or buying group if appropriate), by pressing one of the buttons in the Special Pricing Manager.

When the Special Pricing Lookup is activated, it displays the type of record being displayed (and the customer or buying group the records are being displayed for in the header section of the program, and it displays the existing records for the selected special pricing record type (and Customer or Buying group if applicable) in the main section of the program.

The records displayed by the Special Pricing Lookup are based on the type of special pricing record that is selected when the Lookup is called and the Status Radio Buttons that are displayed in the lower left section of the program.


Status Radio Buttons

Main Section

Insert - Add New Special Pricing record

Zoom - Edit Special Pricing record.