Split Line Button

The Split Line Button allows you to split the selected inventory transaction into two different transactions.  The Split Option is used when you need to tag a portion of a single inventory transaction so that it can be associated or linked to the invoice being processed.  For example: If you received a total quantity of 10 of an item from a vendor, but the vendor partially bills you for the goods ( they send 2 invoices for quantity 5 each), the Split Option would allow you to split the receiving transaction for a quantity of 10 into 2 different receiving transactions with a quantity of 5 each.  You could then match each of the 2 invoices to each of the 2 separate inventory transactions.

When the Split Option is used, the system

      Reduces the original transaction quantity by the amount that is being split off from the line.

      Copies the original receiving transaction to a new transaction (by adding a new line item to the existing inventory transaction), and updates the quantity in the new transaction to the quantity that was split off from the original line.  Since the new line is copied from the old line, the Vendor, item cost and other information from the original inventory transaction is automatically transferred to the new transaction.

      Redraws the information that is displayed in the Tagging Lookup to reflect the change to the inventory transaction detail for the vendor.

Please Note:  When you split an inventory transaction in the Tagging Lookup, the change to the inventory transaction record happens immediately.  This means that the records will be split up even if you abort the AP Invoice Entry program without saving the new invoice.  If you split an inventory transaction by mistake, you can recover from the error by simply tagging all of the lines that were split up.


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