Transferring Serialized Inventory Items

This procedure is performed when the operator transfers inventory items from one inventory location to another and the items being transferred are configured to be serialized on receipt.  Once the operator saves the inventory transfer, the system displays the Item Transfer Serialization window and the operator is prompted to enter the serial numbers of the serialized items being transferred.

Process the inventory transfer using the Inventory Transfer program (Please see the Inventory Procedures Manual for more information about using the Inventory Transfer program).  Once the transactions have been processed, press the SAVE key. The system will display the Item Transfer Serialization window.  If the window is not displayed at this point, or if not all serialized items are displayed within the window, the system may not be configured to serialize items as they are received (the Serialization window is only displayed if the system is configured to serialize items as they are received) or the individual item itself has not been flagged to be serialized on receipt.  Note: The Inventory Transfer program requires that the item(s) being transferred be present in both the source and destination inventory location and that the items have the serialized inventory flags set identically at both locations.

Enter the serial numbers of the items into the Item Transfer Serialization window as follows.

Match the item number being displayed within the window to the package(s) containing the items.  Confirm that the quantity being displayed in the (#___of ___) field is correct.  If the quantity being displayed is not correct, then it is likely that the wrong quantity was input during the previous step and that the inventory transfer will have to be corrected.  Make a note of these occurrences.

Enter the serial number of the displayed inventory item using the keyboard or a wand or other bar code reading device (Please see the Serialized Inventory Configuration Guide for more information about using barcodes and bar code reading equipment).  As the operator inputs each serial number, the system checks to ensure that the serialized item is present in the location it is being transferred from.  If the item is not in stock to be transferred, or if there is no such serial number in the system, the serialization window will display a "No such Serial Number" or "Not in stock to Transfer" warning to the operator.  When this message is displayed, the operator should confirm the serial number of the item being transferred and override the warning or reenter the serial number as required. The operator then repeats the above procedures until all of the serial numbers for the displayed item number have been entered.  Once all of the serialized items with the displayed item number have been serialized, the system will display the next serialized inventory item which was transferred and the operator enters the serial numbers for that item.

Print an Inventory Transfer Ticket to verify the items and quantities that are being transferred.  Also verify that the serial numbers on the report match the serial numbers of the physical inventory being transferred.  If the serial numbers do not match the physical items being transferred, the incorrect transactions need to be reversed.

Correct any mistakes from the previous steps.  If the quantities or serial numbers transferred in the previous steps were entered incorrectly, the operator should use the Inventory Transfer program and the Item Serialization window to reverse or complete the transfer(s).  The operator should then reprint the Inventory Transfer Ticket(s) for the transfer(s) to verify that the correct items, quantities and serial numbers have been transferred.


Invoicing Serialized Inventory Items