Receiving Serialized Inventory Items

This procedure is performed when the operator receives serialized inventory items and the items are configured to be serialized on receipt.  Once the operator has processed the inventory receipts, the system displays the Item Receipt Serialization window and prompts the operator to enter the serial numbers of the serialized items received.

Process the inventory receipt(s) using the PO/Inventory Receiving program (Please see the Receiving Procedures Manual for more information about using the PO/Inventory Receiving program).  Once the transactions have been processed, press the SAVE key. The system will display the Item Receipt Serialization window.  If the window is not displayed at this point, or if not all serialized items are displayed within the window, the system may not be configured to serialize items as they are received or the individual item itself has not been flagged to be serialized on receipt.

Enter the serial numbers of the items into the Item Receipt Serialization window as follows.

1.       Match the item number being displayed within the window to the package(s) containing the items.  Confirm that the quantity being displayed in the (#___of ___) field is correct.  If the quantity being displayed is not correct, then it is likely that the wrong quantity was received in the previous step and that the receiving transaction will have to be corrected.  Make a note of these occurrences.

2.     Enter the first serial number for the displayed inventory item using the keyboard or a wand or other bar code reading device.  (Please see the Serialized Inventory Configuration Guide for more information about using barcodes and bar code reading equipment).

3.     Determine if the serialized items have been assigned sequential serial numbers.  The system will increment the numeric portion of the serial number entered in the previous step and if the other items with the same item number have been assigned sequential serial numbers the operator can quickly input them using one of the following methods.

4.     The operator can press the ENTER key, accepting the displayed serial number, allow the system to increment the serial number, press the ENTER key to accept the next number, and repeat the procedure until all of the sequential serial numbers have been entered. 

5.     The operator may press the EXPAND key.  If the operator presses the EXPAND Key, the system displays another window into which the operator enters the quantity of sequential serial numbers (including the first one) for the displayed item number.  For example, if quantity 5 of an item# is received, and they all have sequential serial numbers, the operator enters the first sequential serial number in the range, presses the EXPAND key, enters or accepts the number 5 in the "Enter sequential count #" field, and presses the ENTER key.  The system then creates 5 sequential serialized inventory records for the item #.   

6.       Print the Daily Serialized Receiving Report and check the serial numbers listed on the report for each item against the package(s) containing the item.  If all serial numbers and items have been input properly, file the report for later reference.  If corrections need to be made, the operator must edit the incorrect record(s) as described later in this document.


Transferring Serialized Inventory Items