Vendor Management Lookup Programs

This section describes the Lookup Programs that are included in the Vendor Management (VM) System.  The Vendor Management Lookup programs allow you to

      Select a Vendor record for viewing and editing.

      View the Payments (accounts payable checks and wire transfers) that have been issued to the selected vendor, and the journal entry and invoice detail that is associated with each payment.

      View the Purchase Orders that have been issued to the selected vendor.

The following sections describe the Vendor Management Lookup programs and the other programs that can be accessed from the Vendor Management Lookup programs. 

Please note: Programs from various systems in the StreamV Application may be included on the same menu and some of the programs that you can access from the Vendor Management programs or menus may belong to other systems.  When a program that is not part of the Vendor Management (VM) system is described in this document, the system that the program belongs to is listed in parenthesis after the program name.  For example the Vendor Invoice Lookup is actually part of the Accounts Payable (AP) system (because it allows you to process accounts payable transactions) and it is completely described in the documentation for the AP system.  Regardless of where (which menu, or program) a program is called from, the Help option (the F1 Key), will display the primary help documentation for each program when the help option is used in the program.


Vendor Lookup

Vendor Contact Lookup

Vendor Check Lookup