Vendor Shipments - Requisition Creation

As each vendor ship sales order is saved or modified, the system executes a program that creates or updates any requisition lines for the vendor ship sales order lines being processed.  This program loops through the sales order lines and processes each line identified as a vendor shipment.  The program checks only the lines that are flagged as vendor ship and that are entered for stocking items.  Requisitions are not created by the system for Vendor ship lines for non-stocking items

The program checks each vendor ship sales order line to determine if sufficient requisitions or purchase orders exist for the line.  If insufficient requisitions, and/or purchase orders, exist for the line, the system will update any outstanding requisitions for the sales order line.  If no requisition lines exist for the sales order line, the system will create an additional requisition line on-the-fly.   Existing purchase order lines are not updated as these may have already been forwarded to the vendor for processing.  If the sales order line is being reduced or deleted or cancelled or voided, the system first attempts to reduce any open requisitions for the line.  If more purchase orders exist than are required the system will send the buyer for the item an E-mail (a “Purchasing Alert”) notifying them that they are over purchased for the sales order line.  The buyer should then take the necessary steps to notify the vendor that the purchase order has been cancelled or that the quantity on the PO should be reduced.  Once this is done, the operator can manually edit the PO to reflect the change and forward the modified document to the vendor if necessary.

The PO Requisitions for each vendor shipment sales order line are normally created using the Default Vendor and Manufacturer Item Number that is defined for the Item in the Inventory Master record, and the default currency that is specified in the Vendor record.  An advanced option also allows the operator to enter a structured comment for a vendor shipment sales order line that indicates the specific vendor, vendor item number and manufacturer item number to be used for the Requisitions.

The Buyer assigned to each Vendor Shipment PO Requisition is based on the Buyer Logic described in a later section of this document.  Basically, the system assigns the Buyer from the Customer file (if a Buyer is assigned to the customer level).  If the customer buyer is not specified, the system then checks the Inventory Item, Product Line, Manufacturer or Vendor record being used and loads the Buyer from the first record it finds with the buyer specified in it.

The Lead time and cost information for each PO Requisition can come from the QVL file (if there is a QVL record present for the Vendor, Item and Currency being used for the requisition), or from the Inventory and Special Cost information that is present for the item and vendor being processed.

The Vendor Shipment  PO requisitions each point to the sales order line that they are created for, and you can view the PO Requisitions or PO Lines that have been issued for each vendor shipment sales order line from the sales order.

Note: The system also allows you to block editing of any sales order lines which have purchase orders placed for them.  This prevents sales orders from being modified or deleted after purchasing has placed individual purchase orders for them.  When this feature is implemented, the purchasing department is normally responsible for handling any required changes to the sales orders or purchase orders for these types of items.