Verifying or Changing the Line Item Quantities

Select the Order Lines Tab and verify that the line item quantity being processed for each line (the To Ship Quantity) matches the quantity physically being shipped for each line.  The Picklist for the order should list the suggested quantity and bin for each item and it also contains a space where the operator picking the order can indicate the number of items actually picked from the bin.  If there are any differences between the quantity on the pick and the quantity being shipped, you should override the quantity in the To Ship field with the quantity picked.  You may reduce the quantity being shipped below the quantity listed on the pick but you may not increase the quantity or change the bins that were committed from when the picklist was created.  If you need to change the quantity for a line item, you should select or highlight the appropriate sales order line in the Order Lines Tab Page and use the Expand option to display the Pick Lines for Order Line Lookup program.  This program displays the pick detail for each sales order line (it may show one or more records depending on the number of bins from which the order line should have been picked).  Once the Pick Lines for Order Line Lookup is displayed, you may select the pick record to be edited and use the Zoom option to access the Pick List Item Detail Panel.  The Pick List Item Detail panel allows you to reduce the quantity that was actually picked from the selected bin for the selected pick, and if you modify the quantity in the Detail Panel, the total quantity shown in the associated order line is adjusted based on your change.


Identifying the Serial Numbers for any Serialized Items