View/Enter Serials

The View/Enter Serials option can be accessed from from the Context or Right Mouse Menu, or from the More Menu on the standard Toolbar when an invoice line is highlighted in the Invoice Lines Tab Page.  The View/Enter Serials Option is used to view or enter the serialized inventory records that are associated with each invoice line item.

When the View/Enter Serials option is selected in direct invoicing, the system first checks the Serial flag for the selected item.  The system then activates the Serial Number List program or it displays an error to notify you that the item is not serialized.

The Serial Number List allows you to view any serial numbers that have already been assigned to the invoice line or to input (manually or using the Find Serial Number Button) the serial numbers being invoiced.  The serial numbers must be I or In Stock status in the Location being used for the invoice.  If the item being processed has the Serial flag set to Y, the system expects the serial numbers for the item to exist already and it will validate them.  If the item bein processed has the Serial flag set to S (indicating serial numbers are tracked when the item is sold), the serials may or may not already exist in the system (you may be invoicing one that was returned).

The Direct Invoicing program will not allow you to save an invoice until the required number of serial records have been input for each line being processed.

The Serial Number List program is part of the Serialized Inventory System.  To view more information about the program, you should activate the program and use the Help key (F1) to display the main application help for the program.


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