View Credit Requests

The View Credit Requests option allows you to view and to select from the open Credit Requests that have been created in your system.  Credit Requests are records that can be created by sales and other personnel to notify accounting when a customer is requesting a non-product return related credit.  A Credit Request can be entered into the system to list the customer and item to be used for the credit and the Credit Request can then be approved and converted into a Direct Invoice using the Direct Invoicing program.

The View Credit Requests option is available from the More menu and it may only be selected when the cursor is positioned in the upper section or in the Shipping/Tax Tab Page of the Direct Invoicing program (the option is a header and not a line item option). 

When the View Credit Request option is selected, the system checks to see if a customer has been selected in Direct Invoicing.  If so, the system activates the Credit Request Lookup and it loads the lookup with the Credit Requests for the currently selected customer.  If no customer has been selected in Direct Invoicing, the Lookup will display all open Credit Requests.

Once the Credit Request records are displayed, you may select the Credit Request to be converted to an invoice using the Select Button or the Enter key, or you may view more information about the credit request using the Zoom, Invoice Header and Invoice Lines Options in the Credit Request Lookup.

Once a Credit Request is selected in the Lookup, the system will load the customer and item information from the Credit Request into the Direct Invoicing program.  At this point, the information can be modified as required and used to generate a Direct Invoice.

If the Credit Request is processed, it will be closed once the invoice has been generated.

The Credit Request program is described in more detail in another section of this document.  You may obtain more information about the Credit Request Lookup program by activating the programand using the Help key (F1) to display the main application help for the program.


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