Warehouse Hold Checkbox

The Warehouse Hold option allows you to place a warehouse or W hold on the sales order that you are resetting a picklist for.  The warehouse hold is normally used when someone needs to change an order that is already being picked in the warehouse and you want to ensure that the order is not re-printed and does not ship until any required changes have been made to it.

By placing a warehouse or W hold on the sales order, you can prevent a picklist from being generated for the sales order until the operator who needs to make a change has had a chance to make any required edits and to release the hold.  The Picklist Management program will not display any orders that have any holds on them, so the warehouse hold allows you to block shipment of the order.

If a picklist is reset and a hold is not placed on the order, the order will normally still be shown in the Picklist Management program as it will still be ready to ship (meaning it can also be re-printed).

If the Put Order on Warehouse Hold Checkbox is selected (a check is displayed in the program) when you press the Reset Button, the system will place a type W or warehouse hold on the sales order being processed.  The type W hold can be cleared once any required change has been made to the order.  Typically the sales and warehouse personnel will have the rights to release this specific type of hold, so that the person requesting the reset can also release the order once they have made any required modifications to the order.


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