Warehouse Replenishment - Invoicing/Order Completion

Once the inventory that is required for the orders to be shipped out of the warehouse is received into inventory, the system allocates the available inventory to the orders.

Picklists are then generated for the orders which have allocated lines with schedule dates that are within the current Picklist Window, and which are not on hold for any reason.

The picklists specify the items and quantities, to be picked for the order and the bins that the items should be picked from.  Once the goods for the order have been picked, the picklist is used to invoice or complete the order and the goods are sent out to the customer.

Warehouse fulfillment is used when the sales order lines for an item contain anN in both the Vendor Ship and the Special flags in the record.  In this case, the system updates the inventory quantities for the item being ordered by the customer and a requisition is not created automatically for the sales order line by the system.