Warehouse Replenishment - Shop Order Entry

As shop orders for products to be built in house are entered into StreamV, the system updates the inventory quantities for the component items and the shop order lines for the component items using logic that is very similar to that used in the Sales Order Entry program.

The main differences between the logic in the sales order and shop order entry programs are.

      Shop order Components are always replenished or purchased using the warehouse replenishment method (you cannot special order or vendor ship a shop order line so these fulfillment or replenishment methods do not apply to shop order components).  Please note: A single item can be ordered using a vendor shipment sales order and be included as a component on a shop order, but the quantities for the item needed for shop order processing must be purchased using the warehouse replenishment method.

      The Schedule date for a shop order line is based on the schedule date stored in the header record for the shop order.  A separate schedule date is not currently maintained for each shop order line item.

      Shop Order Lines are not backordered.  A Shop Order Line is either open (with or without an allocated quantity) or it is closed (completed), voided, deleted or cancelled status). 

Aside from these differences, the logic used by the system is basically the same.  As shop order lines are created, the quantity fields for each of the component items are updated based on the schedule date in the shop order, the number of lead days defined for the item, and the available quantity and the Auto Allocate field in each item.