Warranty Items

There are two different types of warranty sales that can be processed in StreamV.

      A sale of a warranty for one or more specific items that are being sold on the same sales order.  The warranty is “sold with” the item.

      An “after the fact” warranty sale – selling a warranty for an item that has already been delivered to the customer (the item the warranty is being sold for may or may not have been sold by you to the customer on an earlier invoice).

In both of the above cases, the sale of warranty items require the capture of additional information during order entry.  This additional information includes information about the end user of the item, the price being charged to the customer for the warranty, the manufacturer, the manufacturer item number and the serial number information for the items the warranty is being sold for, and other information.

To handle the above requirements, “Additional Information Capture (AIC)” features of StreamV can be used. 

The warranty item is entered as a separate sales order line.

The AIC feature of Stream V is used to capture the additional information that is required for both “sell with” and “after the fact” warranty sales.  When the AIC feature is used, the system automatically prompts the user for warranty information anytime a warranty item is created for an existing sales order line (to handle a sellwith situation), or entered as a new sales order line (to handle an after the fact warranty sale situation).


Warranty Item Setup

Warranty Items - Sales Order Entry